How to apply for funding?

Students need a functioning cellphone, a valid cellphone number, and their own email addresses to apply for funding. If they do not have a cellphone, they may use a trusted guardian or relative’s phone.

Online applications

Students can register online via a smartphone, a personal computer, or using the facilities at application centres.

  • Visit and create your myNSFAS account.
    • Ticking the box to allow NSFAS to verify your details replaces the consent form
    • Remember to submit a copy of BOTH sides of the ID card
    • The email address will be your username
    • Choose your password, and keep it in a place where you can find it if you forget it in the future
    • After creating the account, log in and click the Apply tab: fill in your personal/required information and upload your supporting documents. Note that much of the information will be automatically pre-populated as the NSFAS system matches the applicant’s ID to records at the Departments of Social Development, Home Affairs, and Education.
  • Once you have filled in all required information, click on the ‘Submit’ option to complete your application and note your application Reference number. This reference number is proof that you have applied.
  • Track the progress of your application on your myNSFAS account.

Manual applications

Students in rural areas or without access to the internet can go to an NYDA office to collect and submit paper version application forms:

  • NYDA offices (16 branches across the country) are open during office hours from Monday to Friday. Get information at  –
  • The NYDA office will provide an acknowledgement of receipt card with a barcode that matched the barcode on the application documents.

Other application centers

The DHET is rolling out other places for applicants to apply and/or use computers and internet connections.

  • Department of Basic Education (DBE) District Teacher Development Centres (students must make an appointment with the Centre Manager to use these facilities)
  • Thusong Centres (community development centres)

The list of Thusong and Teacher centres per province is available at

Resources to assist with applications

Multiple online resources will assist the student in applying. Some of them for the 2021 process include:


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