NSFAS Application Status Explained into details

National Student Financial Aid Scheme is a South African student financial aid scheme to help pay the cost of tertiary education for undergraduate students in the country.

It is very important to really understand the status of your NSFAS Application as that’s very important on the next step or action to take. We have taken the time to really explain all that matters . Take your time to go through all the status terms below:

Application Submitted: When you get ‘Application Submitted’ after submitting your applications, it simply means your application and info has been loaded onto the NSFAS systems successfully.

Filtering: At this stage, the systems checks to see if you are a returning student, have any previous qualifications or a fresh applicant

Validation: At this stage, NSFAS is verifying all your information submitted. NSFAS verifies info from SASSA and the department of Home Affairs to check your eligibility.

Evaluation: At evaluation, NSFAS is verifying and evaluating all the documents you have submitted during your application

Funding Eligibility : NSFAS will be verifying how truthful your household finances that you stated during your application is.

Awaiting Academic Results/Admission: At the Awaiting Academic Results/Admission stage, NSFAS is verifying all your academic reports or documents to ensure that you meet the funding requirements for NSFAS. This stage mostly prolongs because there are mostly delays from your institution with the required info needed.

Awaiting Registration: At this stage, NSFAS is receiving information from your institution to help them create a bursary agreement. his stage mostly prolongs because there are mostly delays from your institution with the required info needed.

Signing of Agreement: This is the last but one stage. At this stage what you do is to sign your bursary agreement. NSFAS mostly disburse your allowances after signing

Payments: This is mostly the happiest and final stage. At the payment stage, your allowances are paid via the NSFAS mobile wallet system or through your institution. You are also cautioned and advice to keep a close eye on your NSFAS portal for any information and/or announcement.

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