UPR – Escuela Laboratorio Elemental Student Portal

The Model Elementary School of the University of Puerto Rico is a unit of the Faculty of Education. We are the only elementary-level laboratory school in Puerto Rico and the only Spanish-speaking school in the world. As a practice center, during each school semester, approximately 350 people, including students and professionals related to teaching, undertake some professional or academic development experience at our school.

Our credentials

The Elementary School of the University of Puerto Rico is accredited by the  Middle State Association  and is an active member of the  National Association of Laboratory Schools  (NALS).

Objectives of the School

  1. Serve as a laboratory to investigate teaching methods and techniques at the elementary level.
  2. Serve as a laboratory for the supervised practice of future teachers, counselors, supervisors and school administrators of the Faculty of Education as well as other local and international programs.
  3. Serve as a professional laboratory for teachers, supervising directors, and in-service counselors.
  4. Maintain proper coordination with the High School and the necessary coordination with the Faculty of Education, the Campus, and the Puerto Rico Department of Education to achieve common objectives.
  5. Offer a curricular program of excellence for the students that make up its enrollment, tempering the changing nature of education.
  6. Provide an ideal teaching-learning environment under the openings of a Learning Community.

Curricular Paradigm

The curricular model of the Elementary School of the UPR is based on socio-critical and interpretive cultural models.

Services offered by the School to the community

Chess, Art, Academic and Administrative Advising, Library, Demonstration Classes, Sports, School Canteen, Educuido, Supervised Studies, Art League, Music, Orientations, Orientation and Counseling Services, Support services for students with special needs and talented, Soccer , Workshops, Tutorials, among others.

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