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The purpose of the Retirement System of the University of Puerto Rico is to provide benefits for the officials and employees of the University against the risks of advanced age, disability, death or unemployment, with the objective of inducing suitable persons to enter and remain in the University service thus contributing to an efficient administration.

On this site you will find information related to our services, contacts and news of interest to the entire university community.

According to the information contained in the minutes of the Council of Higher Education, today known as the Governing Board, the concern of the employees of the University of Puerto Rico for having their own retirement system has been manifested since 1937 and 1938. In 1940 a commission is appointed to study a possible pension plan.

By provision of Law 135 of May 7, 1942 – Law of the University of Puerto Rico, it is established as a duty and non-delegable attribution of the Council of Higher Education “Maintain a health insurance plan and a pension system for all university personnel , which will include a loan plan ”. From 1942 to 1945, studies and consultations were carried out on the way in which the plan would operate, benefits that would be granted and how it would be financed.

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